Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Passed in response to major
corporate governance and accounting scandals


How to Play HMO HARDBALL blows the whistle on Kaiser Permanente’s corporate governance malfeasance and violations of federal law including the Anti-Kickback Law, Civil/Criminal False Claims Acts, Medicare/Medicaid Acts.

Michael J. Garcia
U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York
Re: Extension of the KPMG Deferred Prosecution Ageement
Letter dated 12/18/2006

Richard C. Breeden
Independent Monitor, KPMG Deferred Prosecution Agreement
Re: Violations Sarbanes-Oxley, ADA, other federal laws
Notice dated 12/18/2006

Letter to Jacquelyn Finney dated 21 December 2006
Re: KPMG, Violations Sarbanes-Oxley, ADA, other federal laws

Stephen Joynt
President & CEO, Fitch Ratings
Re: Fraudulent Fitch Ratings,
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Securities

Letter dated 12/18/2006

J. Neal Purcell
Chair, Kaiser Permanente Audit & Compliance Committee
Notice dated 11/14/2006