Findings & Conclusions

The Enterprise exists to promote the BRT's Healthcare Policy Principles (1/11/97), through a labyrinth of secret, "Enronesque," off-the-books partnerships. It also includes entities created by the Enterprise to produce fraudulent schemes, studies and products.

These racketeering schemes promote and defend Enterprise objectives, unjustly enriching employers and health plans by reducing the value of patients' health insurance benefits.

The Enterprise has infiltrated federal and state patient rights law enforcement agencies.

Bottom Line: The fix is in!

The Enterprise's stated mission is to reduce medical errors and promote safe medicine. This representation is a pretext to minimize employer/MCO liability and reduce medical costs by:

Obstructing the enforcement of patient rights laws, compromising the integrity of the grievance/appeal processes and independent medical reviews.
Preparing bogus Report Cards that award "Blue Ribbons" to HMOs that promote same-day mastectomies, among other dangerous medical practices and procedures.
Controlling the "muscle and bone" of American medicine (i.e., what happens in the exam room and the hospital).
Compelling the adoption of unsafe, statistically-based medical practice guidelines that "bet the odds" with individual patients' lives.
Destroying trust, honest communication, and advocacy in the doctor-patient relationship.
"Gagging" patients by coercing them not to ask HMOs and HMO doctors how their legal rights will be respected in all aspects of their healthcare.
Intimidating healthcare consultants, seeking business relationships with the Enterprise, to obey its directives or be "blackballed" from employment.

Do you expect uncompromising honesty and integrity from the same BRT corporate CEOs that cheated their own stockholders?

These repugnant practices are merely the tip of the iceberg. The Leapfrog Group promotes "Leapfraud." Like General Motors (a founding member of The Leapfrog Group) the Enterprise is "unsafe at any speed."

HMO HARDBALL's on-going investigations will expose much more.