Progress Reports

10/11/2002 Petition for Writ of Mandate, Declaratory Relief & Injunction
10/11/2002 Federal Court Declares Patient's Rights
12/18/2002 Notice of Motion, Points & Authorities
01/10/2003 Points and Authorities in Opposition to Demurrer
01/30/2003 Court's Ruling on Defendants' Demurrer Continued to 2/20/2003
02/20/2003 Court's Final Ruling on Demurrer and Petition
02/20/2003 HMO Patients Win New Right To Sue
03/07/2003 Notice of Request for Default Judgment
03/18/2003 Letter of Intent to Depose CA State Sec Maria Contreras-Sweet
04/01/2003 State's Intent to Seek Protective Order
05/01/2003 Motion for Protective Order, Order to Compel, & Sanctions
06/23/2003 Reply to Defendants' Opposition to Protective Order; Order to Compel Testimony; Sanctions: HMO PATIENTS ENTITLED TO
06/23/2003 Declaration in Support of Protective Order; Order to Compel Testimony; SANCTIONS FOR LYING AND/OR PERJURY.
07/02/2003 Plaintiff's Supplemental Declaration In Reply To Supplemental Declaration of Patricia Sturdevant In Support of Defendants' Request For Sanctions
07/24/2003 Court's Ruling on Motion for Protective Order and Sanctions
08/04/2003 Motion to Reconsider Court's 7/24/2003 Ruling
08/04/2003 Declaration in Support of Motion to Reconsider 7/24/2003 Ruling
09/12/2003 Response to DMHC Inspection Demand
09/12/2003 Supplemental Declaration in Support of Motion to Reconsider 07/24/2003 Ruling
09/19/2003 Reply to DMHC Opposition to Motion to Reconsider 7/24/2003 Ruling
10/09/2003 Court's ruling on Motion to Reconsider (THE BOTTOM LINE: State/HMO Prior Restraint on Patient Speech in the Doctor-Patient Relationship)
11/22/2003 Complaint to Court Executive
12/03/2003 Declaration to Disqualify Presiding & Supervising Judges
12/05/2003 Motion to Disqualify Judge, Peremptory Challenge; Denied
12/13/2003 Request to Presiding Judge - Appeals Court - for ADA Accommodations
12/17/2003 Demand & Notice to Disqualify Trial Judge for Cause
12/17/2003 Statement of Disqualification of Trial Judge
1/23/2004 Federal ADA Complaint
9/16/2004 9th Circuit - ADA Appeal
Cover - Table of Contents - Table of Authorities - Appeal
9/16/2004 Case Summary
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