Patricia Sturdevant
Attorney for Defendants
Office of Enforcement
Department of Managed Health Care
Daniel Zingale
Andrew George

Department of Managed Health Care
Office of Enforcement
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500 Sacramento, CA 95814-2725

Telephone: (916) 323-0435
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By Certified Mail



Jacquelyn Finney Plaintiff, In Pro Per
Encinitas, CA

March 7, 2003

cc: Gray Davis, Governor, State of California
Jim Tucker, Acting Director, DMHC

Enclosed please find the Notice of Ruling and Proof of Service previously sent to you by

  • Fax on February 20, 2003

  • USPS mail on February 22, 2003.

I have neither received the State's answer to my complaint nor any other communication pursuant to the Notice of Ruling. On March 5, 2003, I spoke with Judge Nugent's clerk who stated that the Court had not received the State's answer.

Should the State's answer not be received by March 17, 2003, I will file a Request for Entry of Default Judgment. Should you have any questions or comments or wish to provide further information on any aspect of this communication, please provide your response in writing immediately.

Enclosures: 1. Notice of Ruling on Motion. 2. Proof of Service. 3. Ruling