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Hardball Help Centers's purpose is to provide HMO patients with easy, immediate solutions to everyday HMO healthcare problems that lead to delay and denial of care.

The friend of an ALS quadriplegic patient used my book and website to reverse denial of care within 32 days. I provided coaching and technical advice free of charge. The HMO is Humana, one of the largest managed care corporations in America.

  • On June 15th, 1999, the patient’s physician wrote to Humana: "I have previously documented my recommendations that this patient needs 24 hour per day seven day per week care. In home care is clearly superior."
  • "On August 27th, his friend e-mailed me, "After 2 months of appeals they [Humana] denied additional care." "I have no idea what to do next."
  • On September 28th, his friend e-mailed me, "As of this afternoon Humana has decided to return [name of patient] home with 24/7!!! We are so grateful for your help. I have read, scanned and browsed through your book endless times, and greatly appreciate the advice you have so willingly shared. I have mentioned you and your book to scores of people. I have printed out the relevant information on 3x5 cards so I have it with me and can share more easily."  More Later, B.M., Orlando, Florida.

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What are some of these problems?

Appointment Scheduling.  Click to view and print an Appointment Scheduling Complaint Form to pressure your HMO and its doctors to provide convenient appointments.

l Patient Participation.  Click to view and  print a Patient Participation Plan Form to pressure your HMO and its doctors to include you as an equal partner in medical decisions.  Don't cower.   Use your power!
l Emergency Room Access.  Click to view and print an Emergency Room Access Form to pressure your HMO's emergency room (ER) as well as a non-plan ER to provide quality diagnosis and treatment. Don't let your HMO violate your rights, because you're too sick to protect yourself!
l Medical Records Access. Click to view and print the Medical Records Access Form to inform your HMO that you know how to take "responsibility" by doing a reality check on your medical records. Don’t relax, get the facts!
l HMO Contract Agreement. Click to view and print the HMO Contract Request Form. You must read your HMO contract. HMO lawyers justify all denials in the fine print. Compare reality with HMO hype. HMOs hide their contracts, so patients don’t have facts!

Let me know what happens.  I'll publish the results on my website. 

You can contact me at:

CounterPoint Communications
P.O. Box 230927
Encinitas, CA 92023-0927

Fax: (760) 436-0183

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