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Bioethical Brainwashing Bushwhacks the Unwary

Kaiser Permanente’s Bioethics Committee programs unwary patients to believe that their personal “values” require their duty to  die.  Kaiser’s bioethical brainwashing scheme tricks patients into rejecting life-sustaining treatment in their advance medical care directives. Kaiser is President Obama’s model for government-run health care.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, President Obama’s bioethics overseer, invented Kaiser’s “values-based” DEATH  PANEL  over  twenty  years  ago.  His  “illness  scenarios”  model  instructs  patients  to “imagine themselves incompetent with a poor prognosis.” Dr. Emanuel found that 70% of these patients reject life-sustaining treatment after a 15-minute end of life counseling session with their doctor.

Dr.  Emanuel’s  strategy  is  rooted  in  Herman  Kahn’s  “mind  experiments.”  Kahn  invented “scenario planning” during the Cold War to predict nuclear war deaths. Kahn coined the term “megadeath.” Kahn is considered a role model for ”Dr. Strangelove.”

                                                                DEATH PANEL “VALUES” DUTY TO DIE
Health Fraud Analytics™ investigators discovered how a real life death panel worked at Kaiser Permanente by attending an end of life counseling class. Kaiser’s death panel used a bait and switch scam.

The Bait:
Kaiser’s Bioethics Committee brochure lured unwary patients into a lethal trap.  The Committee reassured patients that “bioethics means applying general moral principles to medicine and health  care.” The  Committee advertised that this  medical morality class  explained what a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care is and why patients need to have it.  Patients tend to trust doctors and nurses, who present themselves as morality experts.
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The Switch:
Kaiser’s advertisement concealed that the real purpose of this class was to use “scenarios” to program patients to “value” their duty to die, when they are in  a “state” in  which life is “intolerable.”   After patients were programmed to believe that they “value” the duty to die, they were instructed to document their coerced rejection of life-sustaining treatment in their Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (DPAHC).

The Scam:
Kaiser’s  Bioethics  Committee  Chairperson  distributed  two  forms  based  on  Dr.  Emanuel’s hypothetical “illness scenarios.” These forms used trick questions to coerce patients to reject life-sustaining treatment “choices,” when they reach “intolerable” life “states.”

                                                                  Kaiser’s “VALUES ASSESSMENT SURVEY
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HMO propaganda programmed patients to reject life by an emotional assault on their personal “values.” When patients are emotional, they are not rational.   Overly simplistic “scenarios” steer  emotional  patients  toward  rejecting  life  by  intentionally  eliminating  life-sustaining alternative “scenarios.”

At   this   class,   Kaiser’s  Bioethics   Committee  Chairperson   distributed   a   biased   “VALUES ASSESSMENT  SURVEY”  form  to  patients.  The  HMO’s  survey  programed  patients  to  reject treatment and  life  support through a  series of  negatively-biased questions  regarding their health “values.”

Kaiser’s  VALUES  ASSESSMENT  SURVEY  set  forth  “intolerable”  end  of  life  “states,”  which program patients to reject life-sustaining treatment “choices.” For example, if patients “value” the “states” of  self-reliance and controlled pain, they could not  “tolerate” the “states” of uncontrolled pain and being a “burden” to their family.

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