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Women’s Advocacy
                                                                WOMEN’S ADVOCACY HELPS FAMILIES

Mrs. Finney always reviews her mammograms with radiologists.  Women need radiologists, not primary care doctors, to explain and analyze their mammogram films.

How to Play HMO HARDBALL was inspired by an HMO’s cold, calculating mammogram denial policy that killed a 39-year old courageous mother of three young children. Number-crunching medical bureaucrats crushed a loving family of five to unjustly enrich the HMO by about a hundred dollars.

The HMO fixes the system against patients. Instead of smashing the HMO’s fixed system, government bureaucrats “double fix” the HMO’s system by writing laws and regulations that help the HMO, not patients.

Patients struggle to survive in HMO bureaucratic quicksand. The harder the patients struggle, the faster they sink into frustration, despair, and futility.

Family Values First

Dr. and Mrs. Finney put family values first.  Insurance companies and the government put cost containment first. Family values don’t apply to the business of health care. Instead, government and  insurance  company  bean  counters  coldly  calculate  the  statistical  cost  value  of  a  life. Government and insurance company bean counters refuse to ask family values questions:

•   What’s a family worth?

•   What’s a child worth?

•   What’s a mother worth?

•   What’s a father worth?

•   What’s a parent worth?

•   What’s a sister worth?

•   What’s a brother worth?

Dr. and Mrs. Finney apply their family values to health care. Medical malice is morally repugnant.  Denying needed tests and treatment kills families.

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