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Fan Club - What People Are Saying About HMO Hardball


Thanks for shipping the book so quickly. I read it all in one sitting right out of the package and loved it. My own experience does confirm 100 % the "HMO dirty tricks" section of your book (and there are a few serious dirty tricks I could mention you did not.) I was also very moved by the story of you personal struggle and I believe every word of it because it coincides so well with my own. I know you are in a special class among the most courageous and humane people this planet has to offer. I thank you for you sense of responsibility in opening this web site and your leadership in general. I expect to make effective use of the material in your book. All the best to you and yours.
EJC, Boston, MA

Patients' Priority Mail for HMO HARDBALL Help!

"Kaiser killed our Mother ... 2005.
God bless you ... I just found your site ...
I wish I had found you 3 years ago."


"Kaiser's death squad is picking over the bones of my father."

²²² Re: Apology

I have been reading your site for 8 months. Everytime I swear I'm going to order the book. This time I'll do it. Your site has given me the impetus to try one more time to get the help my wife needs and, with the help of your forms, have been reasonably successful.

THANK GOD I opened your site before giving up.

I should have mentioned I was an Administrative Law Judge over 20 years ago. I know firsthand that bureaucracy responds to the kind of letters you propose in your book and most people would not know where to start. Books like yours give the average person a place to start, which makes a book like yours a "must buy" for any patient who is fighting an HMO.
R.L., California

The friend of an ALS quadriplegic patient used my book and website to reverse denial of care within 32 days. I provided coaching and technical advice free of charge. The HMO is Humana, one of the largest managed care corporations in America.

My solution did not require lawyers, only my book and website, the Internet, a fax machine, and a patient and his friend who had the courage to use my patient protection system. I’ve never spoken to the patient or his friend.

  • On June 15th, 1999, the patient’s physician wrote to Humana: "I have previously documented my recommendations that this patient needs 24 hour per day seven day per week care. In home care is clearly superior."
  • "On August 27th, his friend e-mailed me, "After 2 months of appeals they [Humana] denied additional care." "I have no idea what to do next."
  • On September 28th, his friend e-mailed me, "As of this afternoon Humana has decided to return [name of patient] home with 24/7!!! We are so grateful for your help. I have read, scanned and browsed through your book endless times, and greatly appreciate the advice you have so willingly shared. I have mentioned you and your book to scores of people. I have printed out the relevant information on 3x5 cards so I have it with me and can share more easily."
    More Later, B.M., Orlando, Florida.

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"Britannica has rated
your site as one of the most valuable and reliable on the Internet. Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."

Dear Dr. Finney
You have a fantastic website! . Thank you for your website and information…there's a special place in heaven reserved for someone like yourself…hope you're around for a very long time.
San Diego, California

Hello Dr. Finney… Great website! Great information. Wished I could have known about it sooner. The work that went into this book and the various forms are exceptional. This is truly a constructive way to deal with authorities involved in health care. Much sleep will be gained to say the least!
C.D. Verona, N.J.

HMO Patient e-mails ...

On your excellent and informative website. I am a claims reimbursement specialist in DE (although I accept clients all over the northeast) and I recommend your book in my presentations to seniors. I work to help patients get their claims paid in accordance with their policies (no easy task mind you) and I find the information you present to be in an easy to understand format. You have also helped me tremendously in providing needed information to try to make these folks play fair.
Tracey Mansaray Patient Reimbursement Associates of TrayJay Claymont, Deleware

"Thank you for answering my letter and questions.  No other person on the Internet that I know of, or could find would have.  You helped me more than I know how to thank you.  You answered my questions so well that I would like to ask you another about your Advance Report Card."
J. M. Los Angeles, CA

For the past two years I have been fighting the fight when it comes to my daughter. She suffers from bipolar disorder. Your site gave me a couple of ideas which I plan to follow through on. Thank you.
J.G., Connecticut

"You have figured out the solution to this racket."
"Thirty-something" HMO patient's comment at my Barnes & Noble book signing.

I love your website and appreciate you creating this forum.
I can hardly wait until I receive my copy of your book.

"The songs on your site cut right to the bone."
Steve, Seattle, WA

Jackie, I just love your HMO blues!
It's nice to sit and laugh about it all once in a while.
Thanks, Lori

I need your book yesterday!

Your HMO HARDBALL site ...
Marvelous!  Wonderful!
Serious and Provocative!

"Love your Site! I've added a link from the HARP [Health Administration Responsibility Project] page, and I'll let the listserver know about it as well. "
Harvey S. Frey M.D., Ph.D., J.D.

"Thank you for your letter, and especially for your book! I’m very impressed! You worked long and hard to publish this book, and it shows. I’m certain of its success!"
Valerie Svilarich, Manager, Consumer Affairs, Alaska Airlines

Lyme.Net chat room reply to help resolve HMO problems, "... seriously consider the book on this site ... http://www.HMOHARDBALL.COM."


My Endometriosis & Adenomyosis Story "... Unfortunately, as I learned from the book "How to Play HMO Hardball", many doctors are not willing to go against the HMO which pays their income. "



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