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We invented How to Play HMO HARDBALL 15 years ago to teach patients how to successfully beat cruel health care bureaucrats at their own game.

• You will learn HMO (managed care) rules, dirty tricks and lame excuses that deny patients medically necessary healthcare.

• You will replace frustration and anger with strategic thinking, control and constructive problem-solving to get the health care you need.

• You will use HMO HARDBALL’s easy, “fill-in-the-blanks” forms to pressure HMOs (managed care) and their doctors to approve medically necessary health care.

Documentation is the key to winning the game!

How to Play HMO HARDBALL will never be out of date. President Nixon, lobbied by Kaiser Permanente, passed the HMO Act in 1973 that made HMO HARDBALL legal. Our opposition to HMO HARDBALL health care denial began when the law was enacted. As HMOs invented ever more insidious rules, dirty tricks, and lame excuses, we learned how to implement successful tactics and strategies to play HMO HARDBALL. We are battle scarred veterans with 40 years’ experience. We are the patients’ arsenal for timeless weapons to win HMO bureaucratic battles. HMO covers all “managed care,” including “ObamaCare.”

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Robert and Jacquelyn Finney wrote this patient self-protection manual after attending the funeral of a 39 year old mother of three young children. She didn’t have to die of breast cancer. She was sentenced to death by her HMO and its doctors. She was denied necessary mammograms and treatment. When the HMO and its doctors said NO to Angela Farnum, she died. Three young children and her husband were left alone without the love of a nurturing mother and wife. Although, her story was extensively covered in the media, including the Wall Street Journal and San Diego Union-Tribune, publicity couldn’t save her.

Angela, like other patients, did not have the weapons, strategies and tactics to fight corporation-controlled medical care. Before she died, she chose passages from the Bible to be read at her service. She intended them to be “lessons.” One was from the Book of Job:

                                “Oh that my words were now written!
                                 Oh that they were printed in a book!”

How to Play HMO HARDBALL provides “lessons” that are written in a book for all patients to fight a rigged system that is legally sanctioned.

Robert Finney, Ph.D. has fought for patient rights and protections for many years. After writing and implementing the first PPO strategy for the Hewlett-Packard Company, he has devoted himself to patient advocacy and patient self-protection strategies.

Jacquelyn Finney, MPA, became a Medicare fraud, waste and abuse investigator and for many years worked in many “boots on the ground” assignments, including contract compliance and patient informed consent.

In 2011, HMO HARDBALL joined the “Double Fixed” Consumer Self-Defense Alliance

As of 2011, we renamed our website to reflect its expanded mission.

DOUBLE FIXED - Self-Defense Solutions when the Fix Is In.”

HMO HARDBALL continues to give patients solutions to wrongful denial of medically necessary health care.

HEALTH FRAUD ANALYTICS conducts original health care fraud investigations to expose how Medicare, HMOs, (managed care) and their doctors defraud patients and taxpayers by pocketing payments, instead of providing quality health care services.

TEA PARTY ALLIANCE AGAINST JUDICIAL ACTIVISM exposes how federal and state judges intentionally ignore, twist, and strangle the Constitution and patient protection laws to cover up corruption that harms patients, tax payers and citizens.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

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Created and produced by Robert and Jacquelyn Finney, CounterPoint Communications.

Website consultant Ray Koch, Groundswell Productions

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