US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Case Summary
 Court of Appeals Docket #: 04-55769                          Filed: 5/6/04
 Nsuit: 3440  Other civil rights (Fed)
 Finney v. Nugent, et al
 Appeal from: Southern District of California (San Diego)

 Lower court information:
      District: 0974-3 : CV-04-00148-MJL
      presiding judge: M. James Lorenz, District Judge

                  RECORD. [04-55769] (jay)
 11/8/04          Calendar check performed [04-55769] (th)
 12/6/04          SUBMITTED TO SCREENING PANEL 387. ( Oral)  [04-55769]
                  [04-55769] (th)
 1/13/05          FILED MEMORANDUM: AFFIRMED ( Terminated on the Merits after
                  Submission Without Oral Hearing; Affirmed; Written,
                  Unsigned, Unpublished.  Alfred T. GOODWIN,  J. C. WALLACE,
                  Stephen S. TROTT ) FILED AND ENTERED JUDGMENT.   [04-55769]
 1/26/05          [5307573] Filed original and 50 copies Appellant Jacquelyn
                  Finney's petition for panel rehearing and petition for
                  rehearing en banc, 23 p.pages, served on 1/25/05 (to STAFF)
                  [04-55769] (hh)
 1/26/05          Filed Appellant Jacquelyn Finney's motion to expedite
                  consideration of petition for panel rehearing and for
                  rehearing en banc; served on 1/25/05 [5307594] (to STAFF)
                  [04-55769] (hh)
 1/26/05          Received Jacquelyn Finney's request for publication of
                  memorandum disposition ( Timely ); served on 1/25/05 (to
                  STAFF)  [04-55769] (hh)
 3/14/05          Filed order ( Alfred T. GOODWIN, Arthur L. ALARCON, Stephen
                  S. TROTT, ): denying petition for rehearing and petition for
                  enbanc rehearing [5307573-1] Aplt's request for publication
                  is also denied. No further filings will be accepted in this
                  closed appeal. [04-55769] (gar)
 3/22/05          MANDATE ISSUED [04-55769] (hh)
 6/13/05          Received notice from Supreme Court: petition for certiorari
                  filed  Supreme Court No. 6/6/05  filed on 04-1653.
                  [04-55769] (hh)